Bermuda Grilled Chicken Recipe

This dish is inspired by the Caribbean. Its similar to jerk chicken but has a few different spices.

ingredients Instructions
4-5oz. Chicken breast filet
1 oz. Lime juice
1 oz. Cumin
4 oz. Brown sugar
1 oz. Minced oregano
1 oz. Pepper
3 oz. Minced cilantro
3 oz. Molasses
2 oz. Olive oil
2 oz. Diced jalepenos
¾ tsp. Salt
1 oz. Pepper
1. In a bowl, place all ingredients, except your chicken, and mix them well to form a marinade.

2. Add the chicken to your marinade and let it sit for 20 minutes

3. Heat a nonstick sauté pan up until it reaches its smoke point, then sear each side of the chicken breast. Then place in the oven for 4 minutes. Once done, ready to serve